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3d Cartoon Maps
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3D Cartoon Maps
3D Cartoon Maps are high resolution, geographically accurate, vector / object oriented mapping product, illustrated as a “Bird-Eye” / “Oblique Perspective” of select cities. Illustrations / renderings include major landmark buildings, transportation routes, destination signage, tourism points of interest, residential areas, parks and recreational activities.

Created by GIS technicians and Graphic Artists, illustrations are prepared in fine detail at a scale of 1:500 feet. The animated / simplified 3D cartoon map reduces dense municipal information enabling users to easily indentify major landmark buildings and other points of interest. Artwork / Illustrations are derived from geographically referenced topography and perspective renderings of buildings / points of interest. The 3D Cartoon Maps are suitable for high resolution scalable CMYK output from letter size to billboard print. Current coverage includes Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Blue Mountain, Collingwood / Wasaga and Calgary. Cities under development include Vancouver, Winnipeg, Chicago, Ottawa and Halifax. Ad hoc market requests also available.

Key GIS Variables Levels of Geography Geographic Units of Sale Geographic Formats Vintage Geographic Scale Resolution
  • Geographically Referenced files and Perspective Renderings
  • Accurate and true 3D Building Morpholgies and Heights
  • Major Landmark Buidling and Points of Interest Digitized
  • High Resolution Scalable Graphic illustrations to sub-metre detail
  • Suitable for High Resolution CMYK Printing and RGB Web Display
  • Available in pdf, ai, eps, tif, jpg
  • Fully customizable illustrations and artwork
  • Geo-Referenced Satellite Imagery Data
  • Municipal topographic information
  • Custom CBD
  • Tourist Areas
  • City / Town
  • City / Town
  • Custom / Ad Hoc
  • .ai
  • .pdf
  • .eps
  • .tif
  • .jpg
  • Hard Copy Print
  • 2015
  • Custom Made to Order
  • 1:500

Typical Applications: Tourist-Friendly Information Map, Attractions Map, Survey / Real Estate / Development Ad / Promotional Material, Rack Cards, Brochure Maps, Points and Places of Interest while visiting, Municipal Promotions, Billboards, Presentations, Events, Hotel Locations, Marathon Maps, Internet, Where-are-we Maps, Convention and Conferences.

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